Mortgage and Security Agreement

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THIS MORTGAGE is made and entered into this day of , 20 , by and between , whose address is , (hereinafter referred to as “Mortgagor”) and
, whose address is , (hereinafter referred to as “Mortgagee”).

WITNESSETH, that in consideration of the premises and in order to secure the payment of both the principal and interest and any other sums payable on the Note (as hereinafter defined) or this Mortgage and the performance and observance of all of the provisions hereof and of said Note, Mortgagor hereby grants, sells, warrants, conveys, assigns, transfers, mortgages, and sets over unto Mortgagee, all of Mortgagor’s estate, right, title and interest in, to and under all that certain real property situate in the County of , State , more particularly described in Exhibit “A”, attached hereto and made a part hereof, together with all buildings, structures and improvements of every nature whatsoever, now or hereafter located on said real property and all fixtures, appliances, apparatus, equipment, furnishings, heating and air conditioning equipment, machinery and articles of personal property and replacement thereof (other than those owned by lessees of said real property) now or hereafter affixed to, attached to, placed upon, or used in any way in connection with the complete and comfortable use, occupancy, or operation of the said real property, all licenses and permits used or required in connection with the use of said real property, all leases of said real property now or hereafter entered into and all right, title and interest of Mortgagor thereunder, including without limitation, cash or securities deposited thereunder pursuant to said leases, and all rents, issues, proceeds, and profits from said real property and together with all proceeds of the conversion, voluntary or involuntary, of any of the foregoing into cash or liquidated claims, including, without limitation, proceeds of insurance and condemnation awards. The foregoing real property and tangible and intangible personal property are hereinafter referred to collectively as the Mortgaged Property.

Mortgagor hereby grants to Mortgagee a security interest in the foregoing described tangible and intangible personal property, to have and to hold the same, together with all and singular the tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging to or in any way appertaining and the reversion and reversions thereof and all the estate, right, title, interest, homestead, dower and right of dower, separate estate, possession, claim and demand whatsoever, as well in law as in equity, of Mortgagor and unto the same, and every part thereof, with the appurtenances of Mortgagor in and to the same, and every part and parcel thereof unto Mortgagee in fee simple.

Mortgagor hereby covenants with the Mortgagee that Mortgagor has a good and marketable title to an indefeasible fee estate in the real property comprising the Mortgaged Property; that said Mortgaged Property is subject to no lien, charge or encumbrance except such as Mortgagee has agreed to accept in writing and Mortgagor covenants that this Mortgage is and will remain a valid

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